Prospective Trainees

Today the concept of One Medicine is highlighting a call for increased integration of veterinary medicine among other biomedical scientific disciplines. Interdisciplinary training as a veterinary pathologist and comparative biomedical scientist sets the stage for a fulfilling career exploring challenges in detecting and understanding the biology of diseases.

With this in mind, the Center for Cancer Research (CCR)National Cancer Institute (NCI) has developed two training programs.

The first is a graduate program, the CBSTP (Comparative Biomedical Scientist Training Program). It is a comparative molecular pathology training program for doctors of veterinary medicine, incorporating veterinary medicine and pathology with training in human biomedical research.

The second is a Summer Internship Program for veterinary medical students, which was created to give students a research experience and to provide opportunities to interact with veterinarians at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Department of Defense (DOD) who have chosen many different careers involved in research, animal models, medical device approval, and other paths.

Trainees have the opportunity to make a significant impact on societal problems and lead contributions to public health including the gamut of human health, animal health, and to ecosystem health as well.